Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This week I bought...

Christmas presents for me! I am completely in love with resin at the moment and discovered these beautiful necklaces on etsy. They are made by Strat Designs and come in the most delicious colours.
We are going overseas next year, so I need some comfortable (but stylish) little dresses for my daughter to wear on the long flights. This is my haul so far:

An adorable Baobab butterfly dress from Fairy Kisses (on special!). We had Baobab dresses last winter and they are really soft and wash well.
Some fantastic bargains at JiveBaby, these gorgeous Mill & Mia Dresses were less than half price, so I had to buy both.


Gemma said...

oh i love those necklaces Kathryn! very different and funky

Chantelle said...

K - This blog is going to be dangerous for me! Too much temptation.

Love the dresses, so cute. x

Anonymous said...

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