Friday, April 3, 2009

Dress ups aren't just for kids.

After some not so subtle hints along the lines of "What about us?" we've decided to add fashion picks for mummy as well. So, if you're a fashion conscious mama, contact us with your top picks. Nisha, from Creative Neesh - WAHM to two georgeous little boys - shares some of her favourites for this winter.

I’ve decided to make more of an effort to look 'put together' this year. My style is pretty classic and ladylike when it comes to ‘dressing for public viewing’. I do like neutral and black as my main colours but I’m learning to be braver and venture out into colours and bolder prints.

I like the look of blazers and jeans, a line dresses, coats and heels but I also like breezy little dresses cinched in with big belts, tonnes of bangles and accessories and also a little smattering of more rock 'n' roll edgy stuff like dresses with studded fronts, chain belts and tall biker boots.

In the last 2 months I’ve bought 4 dresses for winter, I’m trying to layer more and not succumb to the lure of the fleece trackie. The problem is, I now feel overdressed, but I'm learning to just keep my head up and not worry about what other people think. If I'm wearing something new and am unsure about it, i wear it at home first, till I feel more comfy in it, making sure I feel like I’m wearing IT and IT’s not wearing me. Making more of an effort makes me feel better about myself, less frumpy.

In the collage below, the top row is stuff that I've recently bought off considering the fact that everything is handmade its nice to pick up pieces that are a little quirkier than the department store basics. The bottom row (excluding the necklace) are looks that I like, and that I think is suitable for everyday wear, as alternatives to track wear or jeans- they are all from You can layer with long sleeved tops underneath, thermals or cardies or cropped cardies worn over the top.

This collage features looks I like for this winter along with some nice prints- I know a lot of them feature high heels and that’s impractical for kid wrangling but you can easily swap them for patent ballet flats in browns or blacks or if you don't have a long blazer or short jacket, swap those for a long cardigan or a cropped one.

If you think dresses don’t suit you, there are lots of different styles of dresses, cut in different ways and the trick is to find the shape and cut that suits you. Of course this means dragging an arm full of dresses into the change room and trying it all on, perhaps drag a friend/sister/mother along to give you the final verdict.

Now for the mums out there who are shaking their heads saying “But I get spewed on and food thrown at me” – I hear you. I have two messy boys whose lovely hugs result in two choc coated hand prints on my butt! Choose fabrics that are easy to throw in the wash or that are easily spot cleaned, so you can forget about the hand washing and dry cleaning hassle.

I don't have a lot of time for shopping in store but I do have time to do my research online. I check out my favourite stores online and what’s new for the season, so when i do happen to be in a shopping center i know which stores to attack first and, time permitting, browse through the rest. Shopping online is also becoming a pretty common thing for me. There is that initial fear of credit card fraud and ill fitting garments but I make sure I only shop on secure sites, with good returns policies and with sizing charts available. I also keep a measuring tape in the top drawer of my office table so I can whip it out easily.

So heres to a brighter bolder coloured winter!

Style Guide:
1. Wind Tunic ,Etsy
2. Weapons Tunic , Etsy
3. The Tamsin Dress, Etsy
4. Earrings, Etsy
5. Vintage Boots, Etsy
6. to 11. Dresses, EziBuy
12. Necklace , Etsy
13. Outfit, Forever New
14. Street Fashion Inspiration from The Sartorialist
15. Outfit, Forever New
16. Street Fashion Inspiration from The Sartorialist
17. Street Fashion Inspiration from The Sartorialist
18. to 20. Sara brand, EziBuy

Make sure you also check out Nisha's gorgeous custom made posters in her etsy store.


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