Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kim from Sticky Tiki

Your business? Sticky Tiki 'wall graphics'

How long has StickyTiki been operating?
It all started a year ago, well the getting things together, designing..researching, deciding whether to make the leap! But selling offically since NOV not long really.

What inspired you to start your business?

I am an artist and I wanted to paint my childrens rooms but realised as they grow tastes change, people move and started to think how cool it would be to stick a handpainted image to the wall that could be moved, so allowing children to be involved in the creative process of decorating their rooms. The fabric we use is like a fine canvas so Ideal for me coming from a fine arts background.

What are your top 3 best selling items?
Hundreds and Thousands, Dear Deer Tree, Pooky Pukekos

What is a “typical” work day for you?
As soon as I get up, after sorting kids, check emails, answer important ones, check blog, facebook, twitter. If kids are at daycare get take them, walk dog, have breakfast, get orders out, do some design work, take product shots if need be, put off things that I should be doing (usually unrelated to StickyTiki). If kids at home all of this is squished in between their needs. Boss Si about, make dinners , bath, story..the usual life of a working mum at home!!

When you’re not working, what do you do for fun?
Ahhh fun..forgotten what that is like!! Umm well I love movies, going out for dinner with my girlfriends (escaping), my kids are my fun most of the time (sometimes not!). I used to be a party girl,....ahh once apon a time! We love going to lake Rotoma!

Sticky Tiki are seriously some of the grooviest wall graphics out there, these are not your average stick on decals, that's for sure! Love them! - Kathryn


stickytiki said...

Thank you so much Kathryn for having us on your lovely blog and your very kind comments. We absolutely love what we do, I am so lucky to love my job :) Kim x

Annette Piper said...

I do like these Kathryn!

I've given you an award - pop into my blog at to collect :)


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