Thursday, November 5, 2009

This Mama is Liz

Liz says...
I'm the owner of Jujube - a distribution company in NZ and AU importing the coolest US brands. I have 2 boys - my youngest has just turned 1 and the oldest is 3 so my household is quite busy, and l'm always looking for something a bit different but funky for them both. The boys are all about messy faces (which is why Momspit is soo cool), and cars - the race ya fits the bill!! With a 1 year old it's also about sleeping (Merino sleeping bags are so yummy l want one myself, and the Zoobies are a great 3-in-1 toy when travelling) For eating the French Bull plates are very trendy and my 3 year old has so many of the Mr Vintage tees it's hard to pick a favourite.

Liz loves…

1. Momspit
2. Blik Wall Graphics - Race Ya
3. Zoobies Lion

4. Mokopuna Merino Sleeping Bag

5. Mr Vintage Tees
6. French Bull Robot Cups & Plates

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