Thursday, December 10, 2009

Last Minute Gift Guide!

We've put together a last minute gift guide for you - some for the stocking and some for under the tree, and all available online! Get clicking!

For the itty bitty ones...

1. Rock Style Baby Rattle from A Little Bit of Cheek

2. Alimrose Vintage Jointed Pony from La Toriana

3. Mother's Little Helper from Nudey Rudey

4. Pink bib from Bauble

5. Knitted White Doughnut Rattle also at Bauble

6. TikiTaggie baby comfort toy from All You Need

7. Babushka Baby Rattle - Duscha from Ollie Rose

And for those a little older...

1. Dumpling Dynasty Explorer Kit from Bauble

2. Kids Pizza making set from La Toriana

3. Toothbrush Timer from Little Pinwheel

4. Origami Planes from Where Did You Get That?

5. Food Face plate from Minifashionista

6. An Awesome Book from Little Pinwheel

7. Ice Cream Braclet in Red from Marley Rose

8. Ebulobo Wolf Play Set from Ankle Biters


Katy said...

They're great ideas!!

Kirrily said...

OMG I want that wolf and little red riding toy for myself!!!

Chatterbox said...

Wow! simply wonderful gift ideas :)

Thank you for sharing them. It's my first visit to your colorful blog. I loved the quote in your header. Simply awesome!

Keep up the good work.


Beach Vintage said...

Love the bib, but I also love the wolf set. Fun!


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