Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Continuing on with our boy theme, I'd like to introduce you to Jessi of Mad Stitches. Jessi is Mama to 3 year old Zac and 16 month old Tom.

Mad stitches clothing is made using thrifted vintage, heirloom vintage and vintage inspired fabrics, sewn together to become fashionable children’s items with old school charm. Mad stitches inspiration comes from Jessi’s two toddler boys and their love for all things bright and colorful and Jessi’s love for helping the universe by incorporating recycled materials into her creations!

Jessi's view on dressing boys:

I love to dress my boys to match their personalities and really enjoy dressing them each morning. It makes me happy to see them dressed well, with an edge that is different to others in the playground and unique to them. I don't think it is shallow, I think it is nice to want your kids to feel and look good too! I also like supporting small companies and would much rather spend my money with little businesses rather than mainstream stores, and always try to support Australian fashion over international. I always thought I would find it hard to dress boys, but there are so many brilliant Aussie (& NZ) brands out there now that have really made shopping for boys fashion fun. I like my boys to wear more common Aussie designer kidswear with independent designers thrown into the mix.

Zac dressed by sudo, polka and munster; Tom dressed by chook leaf, mad stitches, fred bare and polka

My favourite street labels for the boys are: minti, munster, sudo, cried wolf and ALL TIME favourite brand polka.

My favourite independent designers are: jettas nest and of course my boys are often promoting their Mummy's business by wearing mad stitches ;) (Ha! Can I say that? )

Fav places to shop:

Jetta's Nest

Made It (browsing for one off items)

Tiny People

Raspberry Rascals

Kido Store


belleandboo said...

they look very cool indeed

Raegan said...

I love these jeans!!!


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