Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's hear it for the boys!

Good gracious! Where has the time gone? I haven't blogged here since before Christmas - so I do hope you all had a fabulous festive season.

Back on board, let talk about things for boys!

I've been told so many times that both designers and retailers seem to neglect the boys when it comes to fashion. Julie Kourtesis has opened Everything Boys, an Australian online store 100% totally dedicated to Boys ONLY, from newborn to 8years old! Specialising in Clothing, Shoes, Manchester, Books, Toys, Accessories and more – it's a one stop shop for everything you need for the boy/s in your life!

Julie shares with us her inspiration for creating Everything Boys

I have 2 boys – Nicholas turned 3 in January this year, and Alexander is 15 months. Nicholas started Preschool for the first time last week, for 2 days a week – and is loving it and I’m the one sad and crying! Alexander is walking more and more confidently each day, and the 2 of them drive me crazy with their adorableness (is that even a word) - it still amazes how much love you can have for these little people in our lives!

When Nicholas was born, I realised how hard it was to get everything I needed for him in the one place, or how very little was on offer for boys compared to the amount of girls stuff, there was always pink as far as the eye could see and tiny little bits for boys, or no sizes left or everything had a monkey on it!!! I kept tossing the idea up, and before I knew it, Alexander came along – and I had 2 boys in the house and felt there was a definite need specifically to cater to boys. When I was made redundant in July, it was the perfect opportunity to get the ball rolling – I registered the business in October 2009, and we went live on the 4th December 2009!

So, for those with gorgeous little boys, there is no longer a need to wade through the sea of pink, fairy dresses or tutus, or turn up to the boys section to find it's already been ravaged and there's nothing left in the size you're after. Sick of shopping where all that's available is super cheap or extremely expensive, it's not in the one location, several different shops to get everything or the entire range is never stocked! You can find everything you need for the boy in your life, from newborn to 8 years old, in the one place with the choice to find something within your budget and taste!

Here's a very small selection of some of the fantastic things you'll find at

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