Tuesday, April 13, 2010

{Tuesday Trends} Owls

1. Monstar Kids Top from Chic Mother and Baby
2. Zuny Cicci Bookends from The Little Kidz Closet
3. Knitting Kit from Miss Milla's
4. Onesie or t-shirt from Lollipop Baby
5. Baby shoes from Kawaii Kids
6. Urban Nest canvas from Design Child
7. Giddy Giddy hairclip from Little Styles
8. Top from Little Blue Wren


Kelly said...

What is it about Owls? Is it their big eyes for their round form. They are very cute. I especially like the top at number 1.

Danielle said...

Woman after my own heart. I definitley need 1, 2, 4, 5,6..ok why don't i just take the lot!

HappyJacki said...

Gorgeous post! I'm loving owls at the moment - so cute!

Amanda said...

How gorgeous are all the owl products. I especially love the shoes

Chic Mother and Baby said...

Oh thank you so much for featuring Chic Mother and Baby Owl!

I had a post coming up next week on it too!

Thanks a bunch. I cant believe I havent come across your blog earlier I feel embarrassed :/

Sophie said...

Love Love Love Little Blue Wren :)


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