Monday, January 12, 2009

Flutterby, Butterfly

click image to enlarge


1. Coolibah Clothing Butterfly Skirt + Top Set from Madison Lane
2. Mooo - Personalised Canvas - Butterfly Polka at Ekidna Kids
3. Rock Your Baby Madam Butterfly Dress at Cradle Rock
4. Cavallini & Co. Butterfly Rubber Stamps at MiniStyle
5. Albetta Smock Blouse at RosiePose
6. Yunginz Sandeez Butterfly Sandals at Fairy Kisses


Kirrily said...

I love Cavallini & Co. especially their stamps - so cute!

Amber said...

Loving those shoes...very sweet.
Lovely blog..xx

Cathy said...

Butterflies, one my favourite things, combined with girls stuff... heaven :-D

Trailing Spouse said...

I love the Coolibah butterfly skirt and top. I can imagine my little niece would squeal in delight if I got her these.


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