Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I know it's still revoltingly hot right now, at least in Brisbane, but I've started buying a few wintery pieces, especially when I find things at great prices.

Like this awesome top from Miatom

They also have short sleeved tees in seriously cool designs. For both boys and girls.

What have you bought? What are your kids wearing? Send us an EMAIL and let us know!


Little Diva said...

I'm the same as you - always buying ahead for the next season at really good sale prices. I've already got some winter PJ's away for next winter.

Shell said...

That top is very cute - I just bought a bit of Gymboree winter things - it was like a drug hit! LOL.
Now I have the come down of her not being able to wear them for 6 months at least!

Tiane said...

I LOVE your Miatom top... just gorgeous!

I have been busily buying up clothes for next summer. I have this thing where I can only concentrate on clothes for the current weather... I just cant get the motivation to think a season ahead!

In that vein, I did get some lovely winter stuff last year and also from gymboree before the US$ went south!


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