Wednesday, May 27, 2009

gorgeous mum chantelle

One of my daily absolutely *must* read blogs is fat mum slim by the beautiful Chantelle. I love reading the snippets from her life - simple things that she makes interesting by the lovely way she writes. Here, she shares with us her shopping wish list. Enjoy!

My daughter, Lacey, has a pretty extensive wardrobe. She had a pretty extensive wardrobe. For the first year of her life, anyway. She's only 13 months, so it's not really that long ago. Four weeks to be exact.

I bought so many things when I was pregnant. As soon as I found out I was having a girl, it was like getting my ticket to shop. I bought lots and lots of teeny tiny pink things from newborn to zero. I didn't really see beyond that size.

I only started noticing a few months ago that I didn't really have many clothes that fit anymore. It was harder to team an outfit together. I had to start putting away things that were too small and sorting through the things that could possibly still fit.

I have already shifted 5 huge garbage bags full of clothes from her room that no longer fit. It's left her cupboards a little bare.

What's a Mama to do? Shop? It seems only right.

Shopping for kids clothes online is such a wonderful world. Window shopping from the comfort of your own home, for clothes that I know will look delightful no matter what.

Here are a few handmade Australian items that are on my lust list:

Thank you Chantelle xx
Now - head on over to fat mum slim.
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