Thursday, May 21, 2009

So Frenchy

French children, much like their parents, are uber chic. Observing children in a French playground you certainly won't see the wonderful riot of colours we have here in Australia. They really are dressed as mini-adults. Jeans, jacket, boots or Mary Janes. While the weather was, admitedly, rather cool, I didn't see a single girl wearing a dress or skirt.
Colours too are limited. Jackets are grey, brown or navy - a daring Mama or Nanny who wants to distinguish her child from the crowd might select a rose pink, subtle purple or my personal favourite, red.
I've put together a few combinations you could use to achieve the French Chic look for your little girl:

1 comment:

Krys said...

How positively boring that would be?

I do however like the second outift, teamed with a nice pink top ;)


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