Monday, August 3, 2009

Sarah from Little Billies

Name and Location: Sarah in Sydney

Your business? Little Billies

How long has Little Billies been operating? 12 months in October

What inspired you to start your business? I wanted to encourage my son in good behavior with a reward chart. When I searched what was already available I didn’t find anything that rewarded kids for heart attitudes! What was available was all about life skills like going to the toilet, making the bed, etc (which is important, but I wanted both life skills and heart attitudes). I wanted to encourage my son (and children to come) in things like sharing, kindness, manners and other values that we as a family deem as important in raising our kids. When I drew up my first chart it was just a laminated sheet with a few stickers. I soon found that I got lazy in using it because it required me to draw up new charts and purchase new stickers. I then decided to move the chart into a magnetic form. The chart is magnetic and the reward stickers are magnetic. It means that it is so easy to use, and is reusable time and time again with no need to purchase anything else! Then making the step into business was easy, I had a new friend over and she was ecstatic when she saw the chart on the fridge and immediately asked where she could get one….. and then just spurred me on.

What are your top 3 best selling items? Definitely the Reward Charts, probably in the pack form, the Morning Routine Chart would come next and then My Week (which is personally my favourite!)

What is a “typical” work day for you? A typical work day is worked around the kids routines. A couple of hours in the middle of the day during sleep/rest time for the kids, a few stolen moments to check emails while the kids are watching tv and in between doing housework and all the domestic duties. The day then finishes off sitting on the lounge with hubby with my laptop while he watches tv for a few more hours of solid work!

When you’re not working, what do you do for fun? My work is my fun, I love it! It re-energises me and I love the thought that perhaps I am helping mums and dads to have a more positive and proactive approach in their homes.

If I gave you $200 and two hours to spend it only on yourself, what would you do? I love stationery supplies. Kikki-K could very well be the lucky recipient of the $200 and I would spend the two hours just browsing through the shop deciding.

You can visit Sarah's fantastic store here: Little Billies. She also has a very imformative blog: Little Billies Blog.

**Little Billies is offering one lucky reader a $25 gift voucher to spend at the Little Billies store! All you need to do is visit Little Billies and leave a comment HERE at Mama Loves to Shop, telling us which product you think would be the most useful in your own home. Winner will be drawn on Friday, 8pm.**


KirstyS said...

Definitely the My Reward Chart pack here! We've already got some good behaviours happening here and are working more on manners and values at the moment so that pack would be a fantastic way to illustrate to her how she is going.

Amanda said...

I love love love the evening routine chart. I have 2 little procrastinating kids on my hands that love to stall at bedtime and this would be a godsend for me!

Ann said...

I love the My Reward Chart | Stage 1 for my youngest. This would certainly help during the day and we've just started potty training. Thanks for the great giveaway!

nellbe said...

What a great range of products! The visual schedule for our house. My son is very interested in what the calender says every day. Thanks :)

Virginia said...

I think the My Day chart would be a fantastic help around this house for my little boy.

Great products!!

Little Diva said...

definately one of the reward charts - I've been meaning to make some for ages but just haven't had the time.

Heather said...

The visual schedule would be great as well as the morning and evening charts. By the way, I think they'd be more use for me than my kids!

Eternally Mine said...

Oooh wow, what a great website. Definitely a routine chart here, I'd buy it for my best friend who has 2 girls under 18 months and is doing a uni degree! She is a superwoman but I'm sure this little gem would help her!!

emmaO said...

So glad you blogged about Little Billies Kathryn, their stuff is fab - how clever!! My favourite would be the "my morning" routine chart, as we always struggle to get everything done in time before we leave. But I love them all, love how they are magnets and can be used over and over :) em

simonefranssen said...

As a busy mum of twins sticking to a routine is my only way to survive. The routine charts are a fantastic way to teach my twins what our daily schedule is like and it makes them so much more settled to know what is coming up.

Lucy said...

Wow that reward chart is excellent! Im also in the same boat, I have started a chart rewarding my daughter for things like being kind to others, using manners, etc. But I get bored with having to draw up a chart every week...well actually not bored, more time poor. And I hadn't seen any that I like on the market that do what Im currently doing.
Thanks for the information and the giveaway is excellent!


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