Thursday, September 10, 2009

Introducing Jen from Mini-Stylista

What is Mini-Stylista?
Mini-Stylista is one of the first Australian social network dedicated to Kids STYLE. A fully interactive website where parents,designers and online boutiques can come together to discuss latest trends in Kids Fashion, become friends and share their Mini Stylistas style!!!

When did you start Mini-Stylista?
Actually it all began with my vision for an Adult Australian Fashion website called My Style Australia a website where all stylistas: blogger, photographers and designers could come together to share their style. Before I had my son I was obsessed with fashion would study look books and buy so much just to have my own collections! Then I had my son Rocco and I just kept thinking about Kids fashion I just loved all the exciting things Kids designers are doing! So I ended up putting My Style Australia on hold and I started up the Mini-Stylista blog in late July 2009! After only a few weeks I received so many wonderful emails and kind comments on Twitter about the blog and also wonderful Kids businesses started enquiring about advertising! The Kids fashion industry is so amazing everyone is so supportive!!! I then decided to turn my original ideas for My Style Australia into the social network

What have you bought recently!
I recently bought a pair of Rittenhouse Denim pants and a Tiny Mammoth Singlet from Little Pin Wheel

A Munster T'shirt from Kido store for my son to wear at his spooky party!

A typical day:
Wake up and feed my baby his breakfast (he just turned one) Read emails while I eat my breakfast. Take my little one for a morning outing. Lunch and Sleep time for Rocco- While he sleeps I work on my site or answer emails.
Play with Rocco/Dinner

Then work till midnight/1 on MINI-Stylista!

If I gave me $200 to spend only on you, what would you do with it?
Well like all mothers we would sneakily spend it on our children straight away!
But if I had $200 I would either:
Take a friend out for tea and a cupcake!
Buy the latest Vogue or Russh mag and read with a cup of coffee! or Buy some yummy stationery from KIKKI K Or buy/part buy a divine dress from LOVER, Karen Walker or if I could DIon LEE!


Raegan said...

Jen is fabulous! Personally i have found her so helpful in sharing her time and her following in spreading the word about A Little Bit of Cheek. I highly recommend people get on board Mini Stylista xxxx

KidsfashioNZ-Karen said...

Great interview, Jen is a lovely lady with fabulous style and a very kind heart. Good luck Jen

Vicki said...

Jen is fabulous, so kind and always keen to lend a hand. She has supported and helped me with my new adventure for tweens to make it easier to find and buy fashion for the children 6 years and over.
Congratulations Jen on all you have achieved.

Anonymous said...

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