Tuesday, September 8, 2009

{Giveaway} Let me just wipe that off your face...

Remember the days of Mum or Grandma spitting on their hanky to wipe that spot of chocolate off your cheek? How we always swore we would NEVER do that to our own kids and vowed to always carry a pack of wipes in our bags? Uh-huh.
I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of wipes. With an inquisitive 3 year old around they tend to get left open and dry out, and while they are fine for hands I find them a little harsh for faces. I do always keep a small bottle of antibacterial gel on hand - but again, it's far too rough for soft baby skin!

Two clever Mums obviously felt the same way as they have come up with a VERY cool new product. MOMSPIT.

Its not a sanitiser- it’s MOMSPIT- the universal no-rinse cleanser. It cleans dirt and grime, leaving the skin clean, moisturised and smelling divine. It comes in refreshing and fresh scents and even an unscented version for those people who prefer au natural. It contains no alcohol.
Foams up brilliantly, absorbs quickly and thoroughly and feels fabulous. Basically it’s soap and water, minus the sink!

• Moisturises like a lotion, absorbs quickly
• Alcohol free and biodegradable
• Gentle enough to be used on the face
• Cleans just like soap and water- minus the sink and tap!
• Recyclable and refillable packaging
• Not tested on animals, no child labour
• No rinsing necessary
• Definitely does not contain human saliva (‘cos that would just be gross!)


Now for the best bit...the generous folks at MOMSPIT have kindly donated us three bottles of this very cool product! Just leave a comment telling us what sort of icky-sticky messes you'd be using MOMSPIT to clean off, and make sure you're following Mama loves to Shop.

Entries close next Monday evening, 7pm Brisbane time.

MOMSPIT is available in three unisex scents- Fig & Green Tea, Lemon & White tea and Unscented. From www.mumspit.com.au and selected stockists in Australia and NZ.


Reggie said...

Mumspit would be handy when you are at a kids birthday party and they have icing from head to toe a quick squirt and hey presto mess is gone!

Shell said...

Oh-my-gosh! It would be used every meal time in this family - as Miss C currently insists on Vegemite for breakfast, lunch and tea!
She is positively incapable of eating it without the telltale Vegemite face!

Nisha said...

I'd be whipping out the MomSpit for Sticky Lollipop dribble and those phantom toothpaste marks that appear after yore sure youve washed their faces thoroughly!

Dale said...

oh where do i start. Well Mumspit would of been really handy for the mess little Miss S just made eating the jar of jam and smearing it over her body at the same time.

KirstyS said...

Miss B is not so bad, but young Master C is a mess maker of gargantuan proportions with a penchant for tomato sauce. If you don't get it off his face quickly enough then it's smeared all over his hands, his hair and whatever gorgeous top he's wearing...as well as whatever he can wipe it on.

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Goodness - the name is terrible and brilliant at the same time! I think the weakness in our house is watermelon and dirt from the backyard. Very useful!

SquiggleMum said...

Oh I could so use this on both of my kids. I think banana is the worst to clean up. If you don't get to it quickly it becomes gel in my little boy's hair and is smeared everywhere! All part of the fun of feeding yourself, but still messy.

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Well with 2 young sons the applications of this product would be absolutely endless - dog slobber, dirt, ice-cream, squashed bugs, and basically anything as gross as you can think of, I clean off them!! Thanks! And I am a follower :) Monique

Bubble Girl said...

This is the best thing I have ever heard of! I always carry baby wipes, but often end up with dry ones after my big girl leaves them opened in my car. grrr.... Seems we always end up with honey or vegemite on our face in the morning before school, which never gets washed off before we leave! Momspit would be perfect for those last minute cleansings, when my daughter literally goes "EWWW" because I'm licking my fingers and leaning towards her!

mum/toddler/babe said...

Three common messes around here: playdough, weetbix and yoghurt!!

Shan said...

with 16 mth old twins the mess is not double its quadruple because they make their own mess and then spread that on each other. we would go through a lot of this product just keeping my girls clean after meals. generous giveaway, thank you

Mad Cow said...

What wouldn't I use it for?!

Wiping peanut butter off faces on the way to school (just in case someone has an allergic reaction to my kids at school)

"Fixing" grazed knees - also on way to school (You can catch me doing this on national TV :))

Smoothing down bed hair.

Wiping caked on snot from under baby's nose. Hell, all three kids' noses for that matter.

Snot, spew, vegemite, and spilt latte from my own shirt.

Dog poo from pram wheels.

Cigarette ash from baby's face (after he finds one and eats it, and no, I don't smoke)

Dirt from ... various orifices and surfaces ...

You want more? I got loads more wher ehtey came from :)

Bec Marshall said...

I would use it all the time!
I swore black and blue that I would not spit on my childrens face. I don't think I've ever done it to my son but my poor daughter gets my spit all the time! She is an Uber grub though!

I would use if to get off Chocolate Vegemite, Sauce. Everything!

Vicki said...

I'd actually LOVE to win some of this for my friend who is due to have her 4th baby in November. I call her the queen of wet wipes. She HATES mess whereas I don't mind so much that they get dirty! I'd love to include it in her baby hamper we are doing for her bubby shower!

emmaO said...

Hmm, now let me see - icecream, weetbix, lollipop, dirt, sand, texta, lip gloss (how does she always find it?!), toothpaste, vegemite, playdough, paint, glue, watermelon drips, I could go on and on!

Emily said...

With three under three mumspit would go everywhere with me! With a grotty toddler and 13 month old twins, it's grubby faces and hand central around here.

Emily Goodwin said...

love, love, love the sound of this product!!
Perfect for leaving in your handbag, glovebox or nappybag!
What would I use it for?
Every time I open the door to get the kids out of the car, only to realise they have vegemite/toothpaste/peanut butter/icing/crumbs etc etc on their face!
I like my kids to look clean and tidy when we go out, so this would be perfect for the times I don't realise until we have arrived at our destination that their faces are dirty!

MumOf2 said...

I could have used it at Playgroup the other morning. There were 8 little kids who had all managed to snag one mothers lip gloss (gorgeous Chanel one...does that make it better or worse?) and paint their faces with it and then decorate their sticky faces with sand and torn up leaves! The wild men of Borneo had nothing on this bunch!!! Poor kids ended up with water and those horrid paper towels from the public toilet, we couldn't rustle up enough baby wipes between us so the Momspit would have been a godsend!

Olivia Taifalos said...

Oh let me see ....ice-cream, facepaint and lip gloss would have to be the top 3 culprits of the month. What a fantastic name for a product - I love it!

m.e (Cathie) said...

that is the funniest name, love it! exactly, what would you not use it for. I'd give it to my sister as my nephew is at the dirtiest ever stage now where food is EVERYWHERE apart from in his mouth sometimes. :)

Holly R said...

My kids have the knack of spreading dirt, grime, food, paint, boogers and god knows what else all over themselves, at the worst times ie the minute we're about the walk out the door or are expecting a visitor. What a great idea!

Danielle said...

I would totally use mumspit everyday. what a seriously cool idea. my child is known around town as the kid with the chocolate mostash because she has nutella toast for breakfast and is constantly snacking on food all day long. totally hates baby wipes and we always have them dry out too. so annoying!! I think I'll have to give mumspit a go.

Skout said...

OMG where do I start ???? Unlike many of the sane families I know, we let our kids eat anything in the car ! ... so ... as far as sticky, mucky hands go we are the champions...... popsicles on a hot day .... Kinder Surprises .... jellie babies..... Mc D's (yes I am a bad mother) and juice packs .... then there is the muddy rugby knees, the quick face wipe b4 ballet, the vege gardener hands from pre school and the "whats that in your hair" pre Nana visit check ... is that enuf?
Lou xxx

Anonymous said...

My kids are always grimey. Sometimes it's hard to say where the mess came from, but I know where I want it to go - AWAY! I would love a product that makes my kids clean and smell good too!


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