Friday, November 20, 2009

Stocking Fillers - Part one

I'm sure many of us know that go to hang up the christmas stocking or santa sack and discover that it's really rather empty. Instead of rushing around in a last minute panic at a packed shopping centre, get in quick with some of these gorgeous treats!

Here are some delights for under $10.

1. Retro Sticker Books from I Love Parties $4.50
Racing Cars
Baby Animals
Go Green

2. Pirate Ship Bag Tag from the Bag Tag Studio $9.95

3. Experilab Slime from Shop4toys $9.95

4 &5 Stickers from Where Did You Get That? $4.95

1. Sparkle T Butterfly Hopper at Belles & Whistles $4.95

2. Rainbow Hearts Necklace from Love Mum $5.55

3. Little Juliette Stickers from Where Did You Get That? $4.95

4. Fabric Covered Button Rings from Little Diva $8 each

5. Tweet Tweet ponytail holders from Please Eloise $7

6. Personalised Hair Clip at Bowtique from $8.

1 comment:

Little Diva said...

ha ha. You just described me to a tea - realising at the last minute that the santa stockings just don't seem to be full enough!! I'm going to love this series... Thanks for including my rings too.

Christine xo


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