Monday, April 5, 2010

{Monday Mama} Liss from Frills in the Hills

Liss is a busy Mum of three girls who loves to cook. That doesn't mean she doesn't love to shop though! Shopping and cooking go hand-in-hand - don't they?

At any given time it's unlikely that Liss is not either planning, executing or serving some goodies for her family - and posting her recipes on her awesome blog, Frills in the Hills. She is also a culinary contributor over at Kidspot and Make It From Scratch.

Liss has kindly offered to share some of her foodie shopping picks:

Food Face - if you have a fussy eater this is so cute - a 'real' ceramic plate you can make different faces with the food! $14.95 each from Alfresco Emporium.

Bakers Secret Puzzle Cookie Cutters - use these on Sandwiches too - they are fun for the kids and you can engage them to eat anything with these! $7.00 a set from

Two hearts baking cups set of 50 - this is a great price for super-cute baking cups! You don't need to have cupcake or muffin baking pans, you can fit many on a standard baking tin, saving time too! $6.95 pack of 50 from

Cute sugar images - these are a great shortcut to decorating cookies and cupcakes. Birthday Pack of 6 $3.00 a set, Animals $4.40 set of 6 and flowers set of 12 for $3.30 from

If you head over to Frills in the Hills right now, Liss is sharing the recipe for the awesome butterfly lollipops pictured below. PLUS you can ENTER TO WIN A Tikiboo Kids Apron and oven mit set plus from Inspired by Chocolate, the whole kit to make these lollipops! Make sure you enter before midnight Sunday 11th April.


tom_bec said...

Liss, I love the Food Face plate!! I have 21 month old that is so picky at the moment but I'm heading straight over to Alfresco Emporium tp pick one of these up! I'm also hoping to win one of the lollipop making kits; fingers crossed! becsteph.

nellbe said...

just loving the food face plate... have seen it before but I think it is a must in this house for sure.

Ally {mtm} said...

What awesome finds Liss & Kathryn!

I really want those plates!

Bec said...

Those Food Face plates are fantastic. But I think my favourite thing is the cookie cutter puzzle.
My kids love spread sandwiches that are cut into shapes. I think I'll have to go to peters and get some!

m.e (Cathie) said...

that food face plate is the best!
love your finds

April said...

I wonder if those plates would work on a fussy husband Liss ;)


Domilee said...

So loving those food face plates. I am going to have to order some for my 3. They will love them.

Candice said...

I haven't seen the food face plates before but that is exactly what I need for my fussy 2.5 year old!!!

Hails said...

Liss, what awesome ideas! My mum used to make faces on our plates when we were growing up, it def makes a meal more fun and lets you know a busy mum likes to have fun too :)
I love the Bakers Secret Puzzle Cookie Cutters - looks like hubby wouldnt mind some sandwiches that look that fun too hehe.
Hope to win the lollipop kit, think they would even make me very popular at the next mums group!!

Liss said...

See who won PLUS some exclusive discounts to both All You Need and Inspired by chocolate here:


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