Thursday, April 8, 2010

{Thursday Trends} Ladybirds

Every little lady loves ladybirds!

1. Onsie or T-shirt from Lollipop Baby
2. Teaset from Cradle Rock
3. Kidorable gumboots from Wrigglebots
4. Minky nappy from Bubblebubs
5. Trunky from Mummy's Favourite
6. Noo Designs outfit from Bubblebubs
7. Giddy Giddy hairclip from Little Styles
8. Buttons by LouLou headband from The Little Kidz Closet
9. Set of stained glass Ladybirds from Smashing Glass

I know, it's meant to be Tuesday Trends, but hey, why not mix it up!

Don't fogrt about the awesome giveaway over at Frill in the Hills...


Bec said...

I am in love with Ladybugs at the moment!

Krys said...

I've got that teaset, it is most certainly a hit in this house :)


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