Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jo from Babyjo Bamboo Wear

Name and Location: Babyjo Bamboo Wear, Melbourne, Australia

Your business?

Designing gorgeous 100% organically grown bamboo fibre clothing, blankets, pyjamas and gifts – our range has a subtle Japanese theme to it, and is stylish yet practical and oh-so-luxurious!

How long has Babyjo been operating?

We have been operating now for just over a year and half, and are proud to say that we currently have 17 stockists Australia wide, with more coming on board shortly – even a very special one in New Zealand!

What inspired you to start your business?
I have always loved design and designing assorted things – (I grew up with 2 parents who are both teachers – mum taught textiles) and my husband and I love to renovate houses. This stopped when our daughter came along (only for a while though!) and so I diverted my attentions elsewhere. Mia had relatively bad eczema at one stage, and in an effort to find something to alleviate it, I came across Bamboo. After extensive research into this gorgeous fabric, I fell in love with all of its qualities and eco benefits. It was at this stage, that I decided it was “all or nothing” and took the plunge to design my own range of gorgeous clothing for 0-3 year olds and I haven’t looked back since!

What are your top 3 best selling items?

Without a doubt, our Bamboo/Organic cotton 2 layer blankets are at number 1. Many who have purchased have come back for one or two more, and have found that they are the only wrap/blanket that their newborn will settle to sleep in. Others who have tried them on their babies with eczema, have found that their child slept for the longest stretch of time when clothed and wrapped in bamboo – this has to do with the breathability and thermo regulation of the fabric – they are simply more comfortable and their body temperature regulates better than it would in cotton.

Next on the list would have to be our new “Aiko” (meaning My Beloved in Japanese) pyjamas – they don’t actually arrive in store until the 11th July, and already I have sold so many pairs – The beauty of these are that they are in 2 differing weights – single layer bamboo/organic cotton or double layer to keep bub extra warm. Having sizes that now go up to a 3 (3 year old) means that more little ones can wear our beautiful creations!

Where do you get the inspiration for your range?
To be honest – I am not sure (how about that!) As with the houses we have renovated previously, I just sort of “see/envisage” what I like and what I would want to be able to buy and it tends to work out in the end (that’s not to say that it always goes smoothly, there are always hiccups or challenges, but this adds to the excitement.
As for the style of our garments, I have always loved Japan, I have lived there twice for short periods of time, speak the language (well – I’ve forgotten most of it now) and love their simplicity and design. I find that my designs just “work” with things that I saw or liked when I spent time over there. The other important inspiration is for me to keep in line with what the fabric is really about – Nature has provided this super smart, fast growing, sustainable and fully biodegradable material, why alter it too much with dyes and added features – I like to provide a garment that is as close to natural as possible, while still being stylish and comfortable to wear.

If I gave you $200 and two hours to spend it only on yourself, what would you do?
Hands down, it would be a massage for my poor aching back and neck! Spending hours at a time in front of the laptop is not great for posture and I never seem to treat myself and just “relax” – so, I would have to make it a 2 hour massage, and not fall asleep so that I could enjoy it properly.

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Thank you so much for participating Jo! I wish you made upto size 4 or even 5!
*Babyjo is offering our readers free shipping Aus/NZ wide – regardless of the items or amount purchased. Purchasers can select “free shipping (tikiboo only)” at checkout, to take advantage of this!*

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