Friday, July 17, 2009

What you might see...

At Mathilda's Market on Sunday.

1. Paint Sticks
2. TikiBoo Kids
3. Mimoo
4. ZandMe
5. LoveStamp
6. Origami Mami

This Sunday, 9am-1pm, City Hill Brisbane.
(Also on in Perth this Sunday - Oasis Leisure Centre, Progress Way, Belmont.)


Courtley said...

Shall see you and Rach there sweets. Shall I cann you on the way to get your coffee order?

Ps.. did I tell you I went to school with Tina from Mimoo? Brisbane is entirely way too small!

Monica @ bpab said...

Hi Kathryn,
Sorry you didn't win the Red Chalk give away.... BUT in the spirit of good vibes and such, I'm giving you a free pair of trackies or leggings when you purchase a top, hoodie, skirt or dress from the Red Chalk range. At check out just type RED CHALK BLOG in the comments box along with your freebie choice and we'll match it to your order... free!!

Bethwyn said...

I'm going tomorrow, can't wait!

Mee a Bee said...

I heard from Mimoo that she enjoyed the day. How did it seem to you? I hope it was great!


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